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Jillellamudi Memoirs - 9

Read about Chalam the author and his association with Jillellamudi Amma and Ramana Maharshi

Yoga sadhana

Yoga and natural remedies ensure a healthy lifestyle of longevity while modern habits negatively affect human well-being. This information

Saturn Transit

Learn several interesting astrological points on the effects of Planet Saturn on us.

Jillellamudi Memoirs - 6

“First level is ignorance, second is curiosity and third is surrender. Simply put, this is what spirituality means” says Guruji. Read more a

Jillellamudi Memoirs - 5

Jillellamudi Amma’s love, miracles, compassion, past life references. Narrations by Sister Vasundhara who spent several years with Mother

Are we Humans?

Hinduism talks about the need to worship nature. However, human beings are abusing rivers and forests. Here is a a message to be kind to nat

Jillellamudi Memoirs - 4

Jillellamudi Amma’s love had no boundaries. Read about stories from her “children”

A small lamp is enough

Do you believe in astrology or not? See how Guruji settles the doubt in a stranger's mind.

Jillellamudi Memoirs - 3

Karma binds only ordinary people. Siddhi powers will impede spiritual progress, Read about these and more nuggets of truth.

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