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       True guidance is a small torch in a dark forest. It does not show everything at once. But gives enough light to show the next step to be safe.                   ~ Swami Vivekananda

Sri RamaKrishna


Sri Ramakrishna, our God , is Lord Shiva and Sakti in human form who revived ancient sadhana paths of ‘how to live a life of sadhana.' He set an example for the mankind  to attain ultimate realization in life. We as his children derive inspiration from his sadhana paths to ‘lead a life of true spirituality’.

Sri Sarada Maa


Divya Janani is our beloved Mother. She is the Divine Sakti herself in human form. Hailed as Sri Sri Maa she is an epitome of Mother Nature. We as children of this divine couple seek their blessings to lead us from ignorance to spiritual illumination.

Swami Vivekananda


Swami Vivekananda motivates us through his practical divine teachings and writings. As our big brother he is always there as a guiding light in our spiritual quest.

Swami Shivananda 


Swami Shivananda Maharaj is a direct disciple of Sri Ramakrishna and is our Parama Guru. His idea  ‘meditation behind work’ is one of our main principles. Sadhana takes precedence in life over any other activity.

Swami Gambhirananda


Swami Gambhirananda, the deeksha guru of our Guruji, is deeply philosophical and a great scholar. Despite being a great scholar, he led a humble life devoid of any ego. We inspire to be learned and wise like him, leading a life of knowledge without ego.       

Swami Nandananda 


Swami Nandananda, Guruji’s Guru, taught us to lead the life of sadhana following the ideals of Parama Gurus. His devotion towards the Lord, wisdom, compassion, and simplicity drive us to stay on the path of spirituality.

Swami Tapasyananda


Swami Tapasyananda is an erudite scholar and the author of many books. His calm, peaceful and ever flowing vibrations make us gain balance in our sadhana.

Jillellamudi Amma


Jillellamudi Amma, considered as the “Incarnation of Motherhood of God” and a great Vijnani of modern age, showed by  her life what is meant by sadhana in daily life. Like Lord Sri Ramakrishna, she too is known to convey deep philosophical messages in just one or two simple lines. Her awareness of self is the most inspiring lesson we try to learn and implement.  Her one liners are true mantras of spirituality. We are very much inspired by her most famous sayings such as ‘Dhyase Dhyanam- “Attention is meditation’, ‘Mindfulness is real worship’, ‘every word becomes a mantra through mindfulness’.

Sri Ramana Maharishi


“Ramanulu” as Guruji calls him with devotion, is considered as the symbol of Atma Jnana in modern times. Observing thoughts, dissecting the self from them to realize God in silence were his main principles of sadhana.We take inspiration from his life and teachings to lead a life of sadhana.

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