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Kalasarpa Yoga - 2

The natives born in Kalasarpa Yoga face many problems. However, its influence is greatly reduced if there are other yogas in the chart. Even if auspicious yogas exist, the concerned planetary period does not begin until after the age of forty two. Some people may experience relief around 33 years of age. The natives of this yoga have a lot of unfulfilled karma from their previous births. Hence, they go through many ups and downs in their life. Everything gets delayed for them.

Let us talk about remedies.

If an astrologer lacking sufficient spiritual strength desires to help a native afflicted with severe Kalasarpa Yoga, he will experience extreme painful consequences. Because the natives have the curse of serpents. Either the native (in his past births) or his ancestors would have killed divine snakes or damaged the eggs of serpents. They would have had the snake holes dug out in order to kill the snakes.

In such cases, the natives would have to undergo much suffering. Nothing works out in their life. It may get subsided to some extent if strong remedies are performed. But, the astrologer will have to undergo vicarious suffering.

Currently, all the advertisers on television promising to perform such remedies are actually powerless. God alone knows their suffering acquired through such false promises. Some of these remedy doers may even die from a snake bite. A great power of penance is needed to transform such a native’s chart. It requires power of celibacy, not desiring money and selfless effort on the part of the astrologer, only then it gives results.

Remedies performed by pseudo astrologers who quote prices for everything result in nothing. Moreover, the astrologer will have to experience the native’s karma. As a result, he will suffer from many disturbances and even deaths within his family. Later he will repent for having performed those remedies.

Astrologers who perform remedies should not have a family, and even if they do, they will not thrive. Experimenting with horoscopes and remedies by merely reading a few books can result in devastating effects.

A small example:

B V Raman is said to have performed remedy for Mysore King’s putra dosha (curse pertaining to childbirth). As a result, The King was blessed with a son, however, Suryaprakash, son of B V Raman died at an young age. Thereafter, B V Raman stopped advocating such remedies for individual horoscopes and spent his time in running the magazine. Even though he was a great Gayatri upasaka, he had to suffer the result of Karma.

Therefore, if one tries to play with remedies without gaining Mantra siddhi, he is sure to burn his fingers. How can someone who cannot rectify his own karma, help others ? He simply cannot.

So, pseudo astrologers, be warned !

All rights reserved. This article has been translated by Ranganath D, which was originally posted in on January 22, 2009. The content or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express permission of the publisher.

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