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Panchawati Spiritual Foundation


Panchawati Spiritual Foundation is a universal community dedicated to Self-realization and God-realization with a single motto of ‘Live a life of Sadhana’ promoting spirituality and peace through universal love. We dont believe in caste, creed, nationality, religion, cults and dogmas. We look at the essential divinity of soul which is a part of God. Read More...

Our Guruji


Our Guruji, Sri Satya Narayana Sarma worships and follows Sri Ramakrishna, Ramana Maharshi and Jillellamudi Amma. Sri Satya Narayana Sarma is an excellent communicator with deep knowledge of Vedanta, Astrology and Yoga. His path is a unique mix of the teachings of the above Masters that makes a spiritual seeker attain the highest form of realization very quickly. Learn more about him and his sadhana path Read More...

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The goal of human life is the realization of the Ultimate Reality which alone can give man supreme fulfillment and everlasting peace. This is the essence of all religions. 

                         - Sri Ramakrishna

The self is the root of all things. Know who you are and be at peace. 

                      - Ramana Maharshi

Be happy with what you have and share with others lovingly.

                      - Jillellamudi Amma

Sri Vidya Tantra


Sri Vidya Tantra is the essence of all the Holy Scriptures. Learn how to internalize, meditate and attain self-realization Read More...



Heavenly bodies are our friends. They influence us every minute of the day. Indian Astrology or Jyotish is a wonderful science Read More...



A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. A healthy and stable mind is essential for any spiritual practice. Learn how our Yogic ways Read More... 

Martial Arts


Yoga is the foundation of Martial Arts. Learn how to channelize your internal energies with our unique Martial arts programs Read More...

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