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Indian Astrology

Early man wondered on seeing the world around him and tried to understand it by close observation. He found that his life is dependent on Nature around him. His life was temporary whereas Nature was permanent. So he started observing and worshipping Natural Forces i.e the five Elements of Nature. Outer observation of Nature resulted in Science and its laws.  Inner observation of Nature resulted in Spirituality. Spirituality is understanding the ultimate aim of life and how to achieve it. Astrology is part of Spirituality. To know past, present and future there are two ways. The direct way is Spiritual Wisdom. The indirect way is Astrology. There should be a method to know our destiny, our Karma and our future other than Spiritual wisdom which is hard to get. Astrology is the answer. Through this one can know all the things easily. Our Astro programs give an insight into the karma and destiny which will enable one to lead a life of sadhana.

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