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Tanyatē vistāryatē iti tantraṁ – That through which it is known and through which it is spread, is known as Tantra.


Even though knowledge is beyond human comprehension, it is within his reach. To attain it a practice is necessary. That practice is Tantra. Tantra is useful in understanding the laws of Nature and putting them into practice to obtain and experience the grace of Nature. The knowledge of Tantra is very powerful. It should be used with a lot of discretion. Tantra is bestowed by Lord Siva who is the first Guru. He taught sixty-four Tantras to his consort Sakti. 


What is the need to learn Tantra? A human always yearns to achieve a goal. Some wish to obtain material things, some wish for spiritual progress. Tantra is useful to attain both material and spiritual benefits. With the practice of Tantra, there is nothing impossible in the world to attain. With the grace of Tantra Sadhana, a sadhaka can obtain anything he wishes from nature. The precursors to obtain such grace are pure mind, tireless practice and undivided attention.  


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