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Hidden meanings of Lalita Sahasranama

Hidden meanings of Lalita Sahasranama

Lalitha Sahasra Nama (Thousand Names of Goddess Lalitha) are chanted everyday by the devotees of Divine Mother. There are the most prominent among all the hymns of Devi (God in the form of Mother). Though these names have many hidden meanings, they are basically Tantric in nature, because the sadhana of Sakti (God as energy) is the key factor Tantras. However there are many verses in this hymn that praise the Para Brahman (Supreme One God) of Vedas.

The hidden secrets of many disciplines like Astrology, Vedanta, Yoga and Tantra are explained in this book at respective places while commenting on the hidden meanings of these names. There is no such commentary on these verses in recent times which reveals as much as this book does, It is hoped that this book will motivate the readers who are in the path of sadhana to move ahead towards realization of their spiritual practice.

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