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Journey to Infinite Mindfulness

Journey to Infinite Mindfulness

The world has witnessed many seers and saints till now. Among them all, Lord Buddha stands tall with his unique meditation method. He found it out with his search. He stated it to be the right method to overcome sorrow and taught it to his disciples in very clear terms. Since then, thousands of seekers walked in this path and reached enlightenment.

Buddha’s method is intended to overcome sorrow here and now. Tripitakas abound in Buddha’s teachings on this meditation technique and method. ‘Maha Smruti Prasthana Sutra’ is best among them all because, in this Sutra, Lord Buddha explained the practical method of his meditation step by step. We can find these teachings in the ‘Mahavarga’ section of ‘Dirgha Nikaya’ book of the Tripitakas.

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