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Medical Astrology - Part 1

Medical Astrology - Part 1

Indian Astrology is a life science. It is a wonderful branch of knowledge that can foretell our future with reasonable accuracy. It is a good life planner. You can know three important things from Astrology – the course of your life and what it has in store for you, the timing of events or when will you experience the good and bad events in your life and how to overcome the bad karma of your chart.

Medical Astrology is a branch of Astrology, by understanding which, we can foresee the diseases that will attack us in future and their probable time slots. This fore knowledge keeps us ready to deal with the diseases when they raise their ugly heads in our life.

This book explains in a lucid and practical manner the basic principles of Medical Astrology along with analysis of 100 astro charts that depict various types of diseases.

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