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The secret of Sri Vidya

The secret of Sri Vidya

There are many books written in abstract language on the Tantra Upasana known as Sri Vidya. However, they contain highly technical words, mantras and rituals which are beyond the understanding of a layman who is alien to the concept of Hindu religion. Hence, more than enlightening the reader, they confuse him. In this aspect, this book is different in its diction. It tries to explain the abstruse subject of Sri Vidya in simplest possible terms, highlighting its most benign form of practices. Explaining the meanings of important mantras from the Upanishads, the connection between Sri Vidya and the Vedas has been established in this book. In addition, the four paths of Sri Vidya have been briefly touched upon, introducing the readers to the practical aspects of these four esoteric paths.

Dispelling the fear of Tantra and the worship of God in his feminine aspect, the entire subject of Sri Vidya has been explained in this book. If the reader develops interest in the sadhana of Sri Vidya after reading this work, we feel our efforts in writing this book are fulfilled.

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