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Karna Pishachini Vidya

In India, there are many schools of Astrology. Predicting results by gaining expertise in calculative, predictive and remedial parts is one method and invoking a deity using a mantra is another. The second approach does not have anything to do with mathematics. In this category of mantras, there are Maha (higher level) Mantras and Kshudra (lower level) Mantras. In the latter category comes Karna Pishachini Vidya which exists in Tamilnadu, Kerala and Odisha.

I had a friend who had some knowledge of Astrology. He could predict a few important events by looking at the horoscope. He did not learn astrology through a guru, but gained this knowledge through his acquaintance with other astrologers. He used to introduce all kinds of astrologers to me. In 2002, he introduced to me a person aged 25 years. This person could not predict anything until he visited our house. He did not need a horoscope. He sat down and asked me to show my hand for a brief moment. Then, he told me that my wife was born on a Monday. I was surprised as it was true. Afterwards, he told me many incidents that took place in my family as if someone were telling him in his ears. They were all true. He wrote a number on a piece of paper and asked me to tally with the number of a 100 rupee note, which was in my trouser in the bedroom. Surprise! The numbers tallied.

Then I realized that it was Mantra Vidya. I remembered my gurus and chanted Bagalamukhi mantra, which controls the enemies. After sometime, he could not tell anything. Upon asking him the reason, he first did not say anything, but after hesitating to speak for a long time, he finally said "Sir, you seem to have some Maha Mantra as a result of which I am unable to contact Karna Pishachini".

He mentioned that he had learned this vidya through a teacher in Tamilnadu. The initiation is given after cutting the Uvula of the throat. There are a few conditions that one must follow throughout his life. One has to perform one lakh times japa of Karna Pishacini mantra which was revealed by Sage Pippalada, at night, with extreme care for 40 days . Then he should perform a homa with Vibithaki (Terminalia Bellerica fruit). One should offer to Karna Pisachini daily, a small amount of food from what he eats. Then Karna Pishacini is pleased and will disclose all the information asked for, in his ears. However, this mantra has no power before a Maha Mantra upasaka (practitioner of a higher mantra). I gave some money and sent him away. He met me one or two times afterwards and I did not see him later. But, he very precisely told me about the past events in my life. By this, I came to the conclusion that Karna Pishacini Vidya does exist. It is not a myth.

There are many different types of Mantra Vidyas viz,. Swapneshwari, Swapna Varahi, Vata Yakshini, Unmatta Bhairava, Uchhista Ganapati. Professor K.S.Krishna Murthy, pioneer of K.P System is an upasaka of Ucchista Ganapati. He used to predict events very accurately, with a precision close to minutes and seconds. Once, when he was travelling to Sri Lanka by air, few fellow travelers asked him as to what time the flight would reach its destination. He told them a time. They made fun of him and said that he was wrong as the flight was going as per schedule. After some time, due to unforeseen weather conditions the flight got delayed and reached the destination at the predicted time. He made many predictions of this kind, due to his knowledge in Astrology and with the Mantra Siddhi he had attained.

B.V. Raman wrote in his autobiography, that he too did the sadhana of Karna Pishachini for some time, when he was young. On coming to know about this, his grandfather Professor Surya Narayana Rao chided and stopped him from continuing the sadhana. Such Kshudra mantras are not needed for those who always chant the Gayatri Maha Mantra. Hence thereafter, he only chanted the Gayatri.

Kshudra Mantras are fulfilled quickly, but they cause harm afterwards. Satvik Maha Mantras do not yield powers quickly, however they always protect and do not cause any harm. One should not go after the Kshudra mantras for small favors. But it is a fact that Kshudra Vidyas (lower occult practices) do exist.

All rights reserved. This article has been translated by Srinivas N, which was originally posted in on February 8, 2009. The content or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express permission of the publisher.

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