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Purpose of Astrology

Astrology is a great science among all the sciences known to man. Date of Birth, Time and Place - these three decide the character of a person, life span and events in his life. No other science can predict these details with such a meagre data. Even though successful in other areas of life, it so happens that man cannot predict his future successfully. Astrology is the science that helps him in doing this.

Some people think that everything in life is pre-destined. They think what is the need of Astrology when everything is pure destiny? This is an age-old question. Bhattotpala, a commentator on the scriptures written by Varaha and Prudhu Yasas, discussed this question in detail. Everything in life is not pre-determined. Life is a strange mixture of destiny and free will. One can certainly try to change his future if he knows what is going to happen. The purpose of Astrology is to get rid of the unpleasant things that are going to happen in one’s life. The question is - ‘Do we have an opportunity to do that?’

Astrology is meaningless if there is no opportunity for man to change his future. The fruit of karma is not rigid but can be transformed. The good and bad things we experience in life are the results of our past actions. The bad karma done in the past can be changed by doing good karma now. In God’s creation, there is always an opportunity to reform oneself and transform one’s life.

Can we change the future, as we like? Sadly, No. We cannot do it as we like. To understand this, we need to delve into the depths of the theory of Karma. Karma is of three types. The first is Dhrida (strong) Karma the effects of which are to be inevitably experienced. The second is Adhrida (weak) Karma that can be changed with remedies. The third is Misrama (mixed) Karma that can be changed with strong remedies. One can understand the sins committed in past lives by looking at the higher divisions of the birth chart like Khavedamsa, Aksha Vedamsa, Nakhsatramsa and Sashtyamsa. If one can understand the Nadi Amsa, then past lives of a person can be seen clearly. In a birth chart, bad yogas are the result of bad karma done in past lives and good yogas are the result of good karma. If there is aspect of Jupiter on the bad yogas or if the position of the planet is not that bad, then it can be changed with remedies. Otherwise, it is difficult to change the bad karma with remedies.

In God’s creation there is always an opportunity for repentance and to correct the mistakes one had committed in the past. However, if the remedies are done just to escape the harsh results of past karma without any reformation in the life of the individual concerned, then it is of no use. The remedies performed by a person will show result only when he repents, implores God with a pure heart. Sometimes the results can be seen immediately as has been proved many times.

The remedies that we suggest look very simple but difficult to do. Many a time, one does not feel like doing them. In case, if the remedies are started somehow, then there will be many hurdles and one will be forced to stop them in the middle. If one can overcome all obstacles and hurdles, and persist in doing the remedies then the bad yogas will be removed from his birth chart. His bad karma gets dissolved. Astrology suggests gems, mantras and medicines as remedies. There are Tantric remedies and Lal Kitab remedies which look very simple but trouble the person if not done properly.

Astrology is a science that gives hope to man. It strengthens his life. It is indisputable that one’s future can be transformed with remedies. This is the real purpose of Astrology.

All rights reserved. This article has been translated by Akhila J, which was originally posted in on February 8, 2009. The content or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express permission of the publisher.

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