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Nadi Astrology – 2 - Bhrigu Samhita

Let us go to the era of Rishis and sages of the ancient history, which is believed to be the period prior to Satyacharya. Sage Bhrigu who is considered as one of the progenitors of Astrology kicked Lord Vishnu in his chest. A question can arise as how the sage went to Vaikuntha (the abode of Lord Vishnu) with a physical body? Since he is a sage, he might have gone there with the power of his austerities or might have gone with the subtle body instead of his physical body. Lord Vishnu’s chest is the abode of Goddess Lakshmi. It is believed that goddess Lakshmi piqued by the behavior of the sage cursed him that he and his lineage will suffer with poverty and there will not be any prosperity.

The sage was dejected and felt a deep remorse for his action. He did a severe penance to please goddess Lakshmi. He begged the goddess to forgive him and requested her to show the path to get rid of the curse. The compassionate goddess blessed the sage with the knowledge of past, present and future times and commanded him to help people with which his lineage can prosper.

The sage further requested – ‘Mother, I need one more boon from you. I want you to be born as my daughter. I kicked you and I want you to do the same as my daughter. I will be peaceful only then.’ The goddess was pleased and gave him the boon. She was born as Bhargavi, the daughter of Sage Bhrigu. The curse on the sage was thus removed. The sage authored many books which are known as Bhrigu Samhitas.

Bhrigu Samhitas are under the control of a family in Hoshiarpur in North India. These give very interesting results and here are the two examples:

1. A Russian woman came to India with her husband for Bhrigu Samhita reading. She was informed that she was the third child to her mother with her second husband. She was astounded to hear this and confirmed that it is true. These details can be predicted only in Nadi Astrology.

2. Swami Kriyananda is an American. He is a disciple of Paramahamsa Yogananda. He quit SRF and established his own organization. He mentioned about his reading of Bhrigu Samhita, which goes on as, ‘This person belongs to a different country. He approaches a guru to learn Yoga. There will be lightning in the sky while he is reading this Samhita’. Kriyananda stops reading and gazes the sky thinking as to how the lightning will occur when the sky is clear and sunny. Then suddenly he saw a streak of lightning between two clouds.

There are many such incidents in Bhrigu Samhita. If we go on writing all these, it will be a big compendium. These are not available in South India but are available only in North India. These are being safe guarded by the lineage of Bhrigu. These people are known as the natives of Sri Vatsa gotra.

Bhargava, Chyavana, Aapnavana, Ourva, Jamadagni – are the foremost sages of this lineage. Since they had the grace of goddess Lakshmi, they are known as Sri Vatsa gotrikas.

Let us discuss on the Mantra Nadis in the next post.

All rights reserved. This article has been translated by Akhila J, which was originally posted in on February 16, 2009. The content or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express permission of the publisher.

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