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Secrets of Astrology - Pancha Tatva Siddantha (Five elements of Nature)

Pancha Tatva Siddantha (Five elements of Nature) is one of the most important doctrines of Nadi Astrology.

The twelve signs of the Zodiac are divided into three sections of four signs each, starting with Fire element and running in the following order Fire-Earth-Air and Water.

Further, elements are allotted to the planets as under:-

Sun and Mars - Fire element

Moon and Venus - Water element

Mercury - Earth

Jupiter - Sky

Saturn - Air

Depending upon the day of the week on which the native is born, that particular element starts rising at sunrise, followed by other elements in the order of Earth-Water-Fire-Air-Sky. From dividing the day and night among the five elements, the particular element active at the native’s birth time can be known.

In traditional Astrology, profound results can be forecast by understanding the five elements of Nature. In addition to the normal analysis done based on the planets, Rasis (Signs), and Bhavas (Houses), the five elements of Nature provide additional insight and clear understanding of a chart.

Natives born in Aroha Tatva (ascending order of the five elements) progress in life as they advance in age. Similarly, natives born in Avaroha Tattva (descending order of the five elements) notice a downfall in the Bhavas (houses) and Karakatwas (causative factors) as they advance in age.

Natives born in Bhu Tatva (element of Earth) strongly possess worldly desires and goals. They give high priority to the worldly matters in their life.

Natives born in Jala Tatva (element of Water) are soft natured and adjust easily to any kind of situation.

Natives born in Agni Tatva (element of Fire) are fierce in nature, possess anger and lack stability.

Natives born in Vayu Tatva (element of Air) are always in motion, like to travel and become prominent individuals.

Natives born in Akasa Tatva (element of Sky) are thinkers, philosophers, profound personalities and cannot be assessed easily.

There will be different combinations based on the element and inner elements among these five elements of Nature. Based on the elements, the nature of the native and events in his life varies.

If we co-relate these concepts with other principles of Astrology, very interesting details can be understood. For example, a person born in Agni Tatva (element of Fire) has his lagna/Rasi as either Aries or Leo, and if either Mars or Sun are strong in horoscope, then he can become a prominent officer or a politician. But the particular dasa (period) should come at right time in his life.

Similarly, the position of other elements, planets and Yogas determine the personality of the native, his life, Dasa’s (time periods) and other incidents.

Similarly, for the natives born in Jala Tatva (element of Water) with either lagna or Rasi as Agni Tatva (element of Fire), if the planets either Moon or Venus are weak in their horoscope, they will be mentally weak, suffer from psychological diseases and cannot progress much in their life.

Earth supports Water and Fire, Air and Sky support each other well and further Air increases Fire, Water dissolves Earth and puts off Fire, Fire supports none because it devours everything.

Analyzing in this manner, life of the native can be broadly assessed with the combination of five elements of Nature, planets and Rasis and Yogas (Planetary combinations). In Astrology, there is a remarkable scope for research regarding the five elements of Nature.

All rights reserved. This article has been translated by Manibabu A, which was originally posted in on August 28, 2009. The content or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express permission of the publisher.

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