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Influence of planets in Human Life

One can understand the influence of a planet on a person at a specific time by observing his behavior, the way he talks and the way he looks. By this observation, we can also guess the strong planet in his chart and can understand many interesting facts. This is proved to be true in many cases when the chart is analyzed post - facto.

The qualities of planets are described briefly here. All these are compiled from the treatises on Astrology and from my own experience.

1. Sun – Display of power, to think and behave as being superior, qualities of a leader, easy recognition among people.

2. Full Moon – Human relations, soft nature, helping others, and showing sympathy towards others.

3. Weak Moon – Weak mentality, too much thinking, cannot decide, going back and forth.

4. Mercury – Intelligence, multi-talented, humorous, and being friendly with others.

5. Mars – Courageous, harsh, ready to fight, bold, adamant.

6. Jupiter – Religious, good heart, helping others, straightforward nature and not being crooked.

7. Venus – Beauty, artistic nature, luxurious life, riches and pleasures.

8. Saturn – Hard work, laziness, being untidy, cowardliness.

9. Rahu – Deceit, talkativeness, conspiracy, revolt against tradition, to oppose, extensive travelling related to work, leading life without any goal.

10. Ketu – Unpredictable behavior, separation, cruel conspiracies, timidness in Spirituality.

If two or three planets are together in a chart, then the combined qualities of all these are reflected in a person. During the time period of those planets, the above said qualities, similar thoughts and behavior can be observed in the life of the native.

The effect of a planet or a combination of planets can be clearly understood by observing a person. We can estimate as which planet Dasa (time period) is going on in his chart by observing the behavior of a person. We can also estimate the effect of planets to some extent by observing the different body parts of a person.

For example, I observed that people with long teeth have Rahu in the second house in their charts. People with cat eyes are under the influence of Rahu and Ketu. This can be clearly seen in their talk and behavior. Similarly, people with limping legs have the influence of Saturn on them and people with bald head are under the influence of strong Saturn and Rahu on their lagnas.

People who are short and stout are under the influence of Mercury. Talkative people are under the influence of Mercury and Rahu. Children with adamant nature, undisciplined behavior are under the influence of Rahu and Mars. All these are indirectly hinted in the treatises on Astrology and are found to be true in my observation.

Fair and good-looking persons are mostly born in Taurus and Libra lagnas/Rasis. Likewise, not so good-looking persons are under the influence of Ketu and persons who look aged are under the influence of Saturn. The effect of Jupiter is clearly seen in traditional and religious persons. Mars and Rahu effect can be seen in persons who are harsh and adamant. Theatre and movie artists are under the influence of Venus and Rahu.

The effect of these planets is based on the strong planet be it the Lagna Lord or Atma Karaka in a person’s chart. It can also depend on the Dasa/Sub-dasas (time period/sub-periods) of the planet concerned.

By analyzing in this manner and with experience, we can intuitively know the important events in the life of a person just by looking at him. We can also know the Dasa (time period) of a planet which is running at that time in his chart. This happened to me many times. I intuitively predicted the future incidents of a few persons and they had come to pass.

There are many incidents where even after informing them to be careful they could not avoid them. The reason for this is the careless attitude of those persons. When the karma is really strong, it will not allow us to do any remedies. It acts on the person in different ways and makes the person adamant, egoistic, depressed and does not allow to complete the remedies even if started. The person has to finally experience his Karma. Sometimes, the defects in a person’s chart can be known intuitively by observing his behavior and the way he talks.

How can this happen? I can only think of one reason. An experienced doctor can assess the disease in a patient just by looking at him. He comes to a conclusion afterwards by asking different questions based on his initial assessment like the patient is suffering with anemia, blood pressure or heart related problems. The same happens in Astrology also.

If we start analyzing in this manner for years, then different thought patterns are formed in our subconscious mind even without our knowledge. With experience, these thought patterns get activated in few situations and give us some information. We call this Intuition and can know some information about the native even without looking at his chart. All this happens in our subconscious mind and the result can be seen outwardly. This is like the computer doing all the difficult calculations and giving us the result on the screen.

It happened many times that people were amazed when I asked them if they were born in a particular star or lagna and confirmed it to be true. However, I failed a few times also. But when it happened as predicted, we can understand that there are many unseen connections beyond our comprehension and that Astrology is a great science.

There is one more benefit. If one gets used to this kind of analysis, there cannot be any boredom in his life. He can be silent even in a crowd without a mobile or television and still cannot feel bored.

We can intuitively know about the future incidents with a little more experience of this kind. By knowing the influence of a planet on a person and by knowing the position of the planet in transit, we can intuitively predict the future incidents and this was confirmed true in many cases.

For example, I predicted for a person who was under the influence of Jupiter and when Jupiter was debilitated that even if he does good it becomes bad, he had to lead a low life and there will be delay in everything. Both of us were amazed by observing that it happened exactly the same way. Astounding results can be predicted if we extend this analysis further and observe the position of the planet if it is fast moving, stagnant or going retro, if it is exalted or debilitated, combusted or defeated in war.

By extending this reasoning further, I predicted that a particular incident can happen at a particular time and it was proved true in many cases. But I also failed few times and understood new concepts by analyzing further as to why I failed. Sometimes, when it was predicted that an incident related to a Karakatwa (causative factor) of a planet will happen another incident related to a different Karakatwa of the same planet happened. I understood this to be lack of perfection in the subtle analysis.

For example, if we predict that a person will have an accident when he is under the effect of planet Mars which is influenced by Saturn according to transit, then it can happen that he will either argue with someone and get hurt or will injure himself with a knife. It is very difficult to understand and analyze the subtle variations in this. If we say that he will get hurt then it gets tallied with any one of the above mentioned incidents.

If we can analyze as to why and how a particular incident can be triggered, then we can say we achieved perfection in this. I am doing research on the state and positions of the planets which will help us achieve this perfection.

All rights reserved. This article has been translated by Akhila J, which was originally posted in on August 17, 2009. The content or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express permission of the publisher.

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