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Nadi Astrology - 3 - Mantra Nadi

Nadi Astrology known to the world is very meager. Those who are cheated by fraudulent astrologers or who dislike the facts revealed to them term this branch of Astrology as fake.

However, Nadi Astrology is one hundred percent true. We should not conclude Nadi Astrology as false because there are many frauds in this field. The secrets of this science were hidden for several hundred years and are being disclosed these days to the world because of the constant effort of many great scholars.

B. V. Raman spent most of his life in an effort to understand the secrets of Nadi Astrology and succeeded to a large extent in his ripe old age. He wanted to reveal these secrets to the world at an appropriate time, but passed away without doing it. May be the Nature did not want to reveal the secrets to the general public. Sri Santanam, V.A.K. Ayyar have done research on the treatises of Nadi Astrology. Srinivasachari, R.G.Rao are some of the scholars who knew the Nadi Astrology in depth. There are many other eminent scholars who have done research in this branch of divination. Many people do not know that Smt. Bhanumati, the old generation Telugu heroine, has also done research in the field of Nadi Astrology.

The treatises on Nadi Astrology are of two categories. 1. Mantra Nadi and 2. Tantra Nadi.

Mantra Nadi:

The treatises available in Tamil language belong to a different category than Bhrigu Samhitas available in North India. There are a few more available in a language that is not comprehensible. This is a mix of Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam languages and is closer to an ancient forgotten script. This might be gunadhya’s occult script known as Paisachi Bhasha that is extinct now.

Most of the treatises on mantra are written in Tamil and occult language. This can be further divided into two types. The first is the unintelligible script we find in the treatises in talapatra (palm leaf manuscripts). This is called as ancient Tamil (Sendamil). People who have good stance on Tamil language also cannot read and comprehend this script. The treatises that belong to the other category are the real Mantra Nadis. In this, the palm-leaf books are blank, but when one reads, the letters appear in bizarre glimpse for a moment. The readers should possess mantra siddhi (success in a mantra practice) to be able to see these letters on the blank palm leaves.

In the year 1938, Sri. B.V. Raman met a Nadi Astrologer named Srinivasachari. This astrologer has Budha Nadi treatise with him. His life was full of sorrow. He married three times, but his first two wives died in tragic circumstances. As per Srinivasachari, one should not keep the treatises on Mantra Nadi, for they impart a curse upon the family. Many of the treatises on Mantra Nadi are based on kshudra mantras (black magic). One has to satisfy the respective kshudra devatas (dark forces) every day, otherwise will face severe consequences. There are different kind of methods to satisfy these kshudra devatas.

Narayana Sastry, a Nadi Astrologer used to live in Chikmagalur. He did mantra sadhana of Kalabhairava, who is the presiding deity of Planet Saturn. This type of mantra siddhi provides the ability to forecast the predictions up to one year by just reading the Rasi chart and not even referring to any Amsa charts. The sadhana of Sastry almost came to a final stage. One day while doing the mantra japa standing neck deep in a river, he was distracted by a beautiful lady who came to the river to fetch water. He paid a heavy price for his mistake. He lost his speech and suffered paralysis which made his legs, and hands immobile. There will be similar drastic consequences if there is a mistake in the code and conduct while doing these types of sadhana.

Sasikanth Jain and his sons are astonishing astrologers. They were able to read the minds of individuals and can foretell the question and the respective answers even without asking the querent. They proved this ability not once but several times. People used to think that Sasikanth Jain has the siddhi of Karna Pisachi mantra.

Some of the astrologers have Panchanguli mantra siddhi. The goddess Panchanguli is the presiding deity of palmistry. With the grace of this goddess one can predict the results without much effort. She is not so dangerous but a satvika goddess. Such deities belong to the category of demi gods and goddesses who have the ability to grant super human powers. Some of them have a terrifying appearance, only the sadhaka who has won over fear can withstand their vision. Otherwise it will result in psychological disorders.

Astrologers who are proficient in Mantra Nadi will generally have knowledge of traditional Astrology. Those who do not know traditional Astrology will have the ability to read the letters that appear in bizarre glimpse for a moment. They are proficient only to that extent but they don’t have any further knowledge in Astrology.

In Tamil Nadu, majority of the Astrologers have the knowledge of occult. They earn good money for few days but finally they end up in depression leading to miserable death. The reason for this is their greed. They ask their clients to do many unnecessary things to acquire wealth and take over their bad karma. It is not advisable to have the treatises on Mantra Nadi at home because of this reason. In any manner, this method is not advisable. In case if someone wants to follow this technique, he should renounce family life, follow the strict code of conduct and live like a beggar. Then he will not be bound by the karma of querents. Otherwise it is sure that the individual has to face terrific results in his life. It is foolish to arrogantly assume the karma of others for the sake of a few bucks.

All rights reserved. This article has been translated by Manibabu A, which was originally posted in on February 18, 2009. The content or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express permission of the publisher.

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