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Kundalini Yoga

According to Tantras, the divine energy from superconscious planes of existence gradually descends into the human body and takes the form of kundalini energy and positions itself below the spine, in a dormant state. As a result, man is enslaved by Nature and its five elements. If this energy can be taken up again to reach the Sahasrara (thousand petalled flower shaped energy wheel placed in head), man becomes free from his bondage to Nature and attains godliness. This process is called Kundalini Yoga.

This process, though a part and parcel of Hindu religion, has got nothing to do with caste and religion. For the divinity to manifest itself, any human with a body must certainly undergo this process. It has no connection with man-made caste and religion. If a person can follow the rules and regulations of this process and do sadhana, it is possible to achieve this miracle. Every prophet or great personality must have followed such process knowingly or unknowingly, to have experienced this. They embedded such experiences in their own languages, belief systems and preached it to the world as they understood it.

Although, it takes only a few sentences to say all this, several lifetimes are often not enough to attain this state. But, these days Kundalini Yoga has become a matter of fashion. Now-a-days, every town is filled with fake gurus who are collecting thousands of rupees, promising energy transmission as well as awakening the kundalini by mere touch. However, as a matter of fact, none of them knew the secrets of Kundalini Yoga. I can strongly voice that most of these gurus are cheaters.

Awakening kundalini is a very difficult task. Advertising that one can awaken kundalini in a person through energy transmission, is nothing but quackery. One can be assured that all the self proclaimed gurus and incarnations of the present day are simply not capable of doing this.

A kundalini yoga practitioner must have specific eligibilities; same applies to the guru as well. Not even one in a million can be found to have such qualities. This miracle happens only between such a qualified pair, but never with advertised yoga classes, teachings on the television, courses on the internet, and part time deekshas. If anyone says that it happened and will happen, it is a mere illusion. At the most, one’s physical health may improve a little bit due to such classes, that’s it.

I say so, because visible changes can be observed at every step of Kundalini Yoga practice. Many changes occur in body and mind of the seeker who practices kundalini yoga sincerely. His hormone system undergoes unimaginable changes. The entire body chemistry takes a new shape after undergoing a huge turmoil. These are the secrets of yoga; nowhere to be found in books, but passed directly through the master-disciple lineage. It is possible to assess a practitioner's level by simply looking at him and observing his traits. These traits themselves reveal his spiritual advancement. This is a secret knowledge.

If anyone says kundalini is awakened in him, the specific traits and evidences should be seen. If not, everything he says is to be known as quackery. In most such cases, awakening of kundalini and ‘breaking through the six divine wheels’ are just self-induced hallucinations. It is better for people to realize that all these are plots of fake gurus to cheat the common man. It is a bitter truth that none of the gurus at present have the capacity to awaken the kundalini in others, not to speak of having realized its full blown effects in themselves.

All rights reserved. This article has been translated by Ranganath D, which was originally posted in on May 27, 2009. The content or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express permission of the publisher.

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