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Kalasarpa Yoga - 3

In this post, let us try to understand the truth in Kalasarpa Yoga. In reality, there is no mention of this yoga in any of the authentic texts. The sloka that I mentioned earlier is the only basis for this. That too was in the context of a country’s horoscope, not of an individual. Hence, there is no need to give undue importance to this yoga. But nowadays, discussions about Kalasarpa Yoga are all over the television and magazines. Many people are intentionally promoting this yoga. This is the reason for the sudden fame earned by Kalahasti temple.

I recently happened to visit this temple. As per the EO of the temple, it has been very much benefited because of Kalasarpa Yoga. After spotting this, the people at Pedakakani Shiva temple, all of a sudden consecrated the idols of Rahu and Ketu and started advertising about the relevant pujas and thereby marketing well. Innocent and directionless people are following whoever they come across and implementing whatever is advised by them, thereby losing money. Even then, no one can confirm if the fault is corrected or not. The money loser never says that the fault was not corrected! The truth is, there is no need to give high importance to this yoga.

A horoscope should be analyzed in depth by taking into account Amsa chakras, ashtakavarga and gochara, not simply by considering this yoga alone. We hear that even Rahu Ketu deekshas have begun. Many people, who cannot even analyze a chart properly, are doing business in lakhs by selling yantras, rudrakshas, sphatika and salagramas. If anyone approaches an astrologer with some belief/faith, he is being sent back decorated like a bull, forced to wear stones, rudraksha and filling his house with yantras, while he ends up with an empty pocket. The victim loses even the faint belief he has and starts criticizing astrology.

In my opinion, the real serpents are today’s astrologers, cheating innocent people and accumulating a lot of sin. So, do not be frightened by this yoga, as there are many other negative yogas that exist in a horoscope, which are much more harmful than Kalasarpa Yoga. So, consult an unselfish astrologer, do not get fooled by the advertisements. Famous astrologers like B V Raman and K N Rao were also of the same opinion.

All rights reserved. This article has been translated by Ranganath D, which was originally posted in on January 23, 2009. The content or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express permission of the publisher.

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