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Worldly benefits and the science of Tantra

Taking the aid of Tantra to accomplish worldly tasks and fulfill iniquitous desires is not good, but according to some practitioners this is also correct, because a child asks the mother for whatever he wants and takes it. While some highly intellectual kids may ask for salvation, others who do not have such maturity ask for various mundane wishes, which is not wrong either. As long as it does not harm the other person, one can wish anything from Universal Mother.

Harmful acts such as Abhichāra (harming), Vaśīkaraṇa (seducing), Vidvēṣaṇa (creating enmity), Uchhāṭana (banishing) and Māraṇa (killing) are parts of lower Tantra, but the performers of these acts will face severe consequences in course of time. Most of the times, they will meet with an untimely tragic end. Because it is the rule of Nature that you are to clear your karma with compound interest. One who kills with a sword dies from a sword. None is exempt from this rule.

A friend of mine from Orissa told me of an incident that happened some three decades ago. A person known to him, used to perform Rambha Urvasi worship. These practices are Yakshini science in Tantra. They aim to seduce celestial damsels. He had a beautiful wife. But, he also had a great desire for the association with celestial nymphs. He vacated his house from the village and stayed in a nearby jungle to practice this ritual. The first sign of such practice would be the death of wife. Even the practice of Pushpadeha nymph (a celestic girl with a flower like soft body) is similar. She is very beautiful compared to Rambha or Urvasi. These nymphs are many times more beautiful when compared to human ‘Miss Worlds’. These ‘Miss worlds’ appear like monkeys when compared to these nymphs.

So, some time after commencing this practice, his wife died all of a sudden. His practice started to give results. He always used to keep his doors closed. He never allowed anyone to enter into his jungle hut. But, during nights, one could hear from his hut, the sounds of a female laughing and dancing sounds of anklets. He started deteriorating in body, day by day.

Due to the tantric practices, he gradually became very thin like a skeleton. But, he used to be very happy and gleeful. He used to wear good clothes, use perfumes, and roam around luxuriously in the town. One day, while he was going on a motorbike with his friend to a nearby town called Berhampur, all of a sudden, as if thrown away by someone, the vehicle jumped up high and fell on the roadside. Both of them died on the spot. Later, a very lively idol of Urvasi was found in his prayer room.

Because he belonged to a goldsmith family, he himself made the idol and used to practice this chant which he learned from someone. I am not going to write what happened in that house. I leave it to your imagination. Suffice it to say that these practices are not at all good. There are fools who sacrifice their wives for the craze of nymphs. In our society, such people do exist, just like so many people who fall in the trap of extramarital affairs.

Tantra works out for mundane benefits, as well as for otherworldly benefits. This is a very powerful energy. The usage of it depends on our discretion. If used for good, good things and if used for bad, bad things need to be experienced. Good for good and bad for bad is the rule of Tantra. A conjurer from Guntur recently died in a counter-attack by Kerala Tantriks while trying to unearth a secret treasure.

Many people may not believe, but this had really happened. Many people have seen his openly exhibited glorious wizardry. He used to visit my neighbor many times. The ceiling fan was turned off by his mere command, even when the power supply was intact. When he commanded to turn on, the fan used to rotate, as if moved by a remote control. He had performed this miracle, even when atheists challenged him. They were shocked. The sad part is that, even though he was a Devi upasaka, he got involved in low activities like treasure hunts and invited death.

This person and his friend, who recently turned into a swami, used to kill chickens to offer to the goddess, in order to attain such powers. Later on, when the second person (who turned into a Swami) visited Jillellamudi, as soon Mother saw him, she questioned, “Why do you kill these innocent creatures?” The people who came along with him and other people who sat around him, could not understand the words of Mother. It is not very clear, whether he himself understood Mother’s words or not, because he is still crazy over miracles. After all, one cannot escape from the results of his Karma. The Karma that one accumulates from low Tantra is really very bad and it haunts him undoubtedly.

All rights reserved. This article has been translated by Ranganath D, which was originally posted in on July 12, 2009. The content or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express permission of the publisher.

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