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Planets and days

Many of us know that seven days are related to seven planets. Some may not know this. Shall we know how these have come into existence? Why should only Monday follow Sunday? Why not Friday? Let us see.

Rationalists think that Astrology has no logic. The word ‘logy’ in astrology means logic. Astrology is a science that is completely dependent on logic. The actual meaning of Astrology is ‘Logic of the Astral bodies’. Now we shall see the logic behind the weekdays.

Each planet takes the following number of sidereal days to complete one revolution around the sun.

Saturn - 10759.22

Jupiter - 4332.58

Mars - 686.98

Sun (Earth) - 365.26

Venus - 224.70

Mercury - 87.97

Moon - 27.32

To put it in another way, Saturn takes two and a half years to cross a sign. Jupiter takes one year, Mars takes around forty-five days, Sun takes thirty days, Venus takes twenty-five days, Mercury takes around eighteen days and Moon takes two and a half days, descending order.

One day has twenty-four hours. Sun is the king of planets, so all the planets are revolving around him. If we consider the first hour on Sunday as Sun-hora (Sun hour), the second one is Venus-hora. This way seven planets take 3 rotations to complete 21 hours. The remaining three hours are Sun, Venu and Mercury hours and then Moon hour starts by next sunrise. So, the next day is Monday.

If we follow the same calculation, on the third day Mars hour rises at sun rise time, followed by Mercury hour, Jupiter hour, Venus hour, Saturn hour and Sun hour on subsequent days. So, the sequence of these weekdays is formed as Sunday, Monday, Tuesday…etc. There is a logic behind this arrangement. Altogether, this entire method is based on speeds of planets. Anyone accepts that it is better to follow order rather than being disorderly. Atheists and Rationalists - please don’t stay at home on Monday, questioning why cannot this day be Sunday, you will lose your jobs.

Here, one doubt should arise. How to identify that the very first day as Sunday? What is the basis for starting the calculation this way? You try guessing the answer and let me know your opinion.

Some may have a question; why would Sun revolve at all? It is not a planet. We are on the Earth, not on Sun. We are breathing the air on earth, not the air on Sun. So, even if it is an illusion, the Sun rotating around us is the truth from our context. The same is called the apparent motion of planets. So, even though the earth is rotating around the Sun, we have to consider the Sun is rotating. This is because the Earth is the center for our observations of the universe.

While we watch a movie we forget that it is just a projection of images on a screen. If we think of this reality, we cannot enjoy the movie. But we get involved in the movie and feel excited. In the same way, even though the Earth is revolving around the sun, we have to consider what we see as true. This is because what we see seems to be the reality at the moment, the actual reality could be anything else.

In fact, not even the Sun is fixed in an orbit. He too is revolving around the Galactic center, along with the group of his planets.

The theory part is good, as for now. But, what is the practical utility of this? Because of Astronomy, the motions of Planets are known, but what is the utility of this knowledge?

The usage of planet hours lies in Prasna sastra or Horary astrology which is useful in solving daily problems very well. When we have a question in our mind, regarding any particular problem, planets offer the answer. This is a wonderful method.

Hora is used to fix the Horary lagna i.e the sign occupied by that planet in the current astro chart is taken as Lagna or Ascendant. For example, when a question is asked, if Venus hour is running, with Venus in Pisces, then Mina lagna is taken and calculations are made accordingly to answer the question.

This is a wonderful method similar to Anjana science. Even without casting a horoscope, we can get very good results with the help of this method. In olden days, masters of astrology could answer the question spontaneously without any observation of birth chart. Their answers used to be almost 90% true. Horas help the astrologer in this direction.

All rights reserved. This article has been translated by Ranganath D, which was originally posted in on July 10, 2009. The content or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express permission of the publisher.

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