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Beyond Words

Osho had said, “God doesn’t know languages. So, there is no need for language. Absolute silence should be maintained in front of God. Real beauty of prayer lies in silence.”

Watching the elaborate chants that go on at temples, I am constantly reminded of this. The priests are busy offering prayers, devotees are immersed in meaningless chatter, babysitting, checking wallets for money, thinking of the offerings to God and impatiently wait for the worship to complete. We think that puja is not our business but that of the priest. We take the prasad and disappear. How can it be called worship? We think that God feels elated by the coconut we offer. God is not such a tasteless fellow after all!

We can easily connect with God without the intervention of so called priests and other intermediaries. To do this, we need to stop our minds first. Our thoughts and ideation should stop. We need to reach a deeper silence. Only then, we will be able to connect to God instantly.

Master CVV used to say, “Why do you call on God using so many names? Do you think he is deaf? Call him once and be silent. That will do.” We cannot attain silence. So, we need so many ways and names to worship God. He, who can remain silent, doesn’t need a thousand names to worship God. He will attain transcendental states effortlessly.

Beside our house, there is a temple dedicated to Lord Ayyappa. I am amused to watch their chaos. They chant their saranu ghosha at the top of their voice. But no one worships God with true surrender. Those who know the true meaning of surrender do not need these loud rituals. A real devotee doesn’t need an out dress and decoration to reach God. If he is able to surrender to God with true heart, both his talk and thoughts stop immediately and will attain deep silence. In that silence, he connects himself to the universal power.

Our temples are filled with unnecessary chatter. People engage in useless talks even during puja. The ambiance in churches and mosques is more peaceful compared to that of our temples. Their prayers also encourage them to connect to God directly in silence. That is why they are able to evolve spiritually, while we are limiting ourselves to the rituals. Even though we offer many gifts to God in the name of prayer, we are still at the kindergarten level in terms of spirituality.

Yesterday, I went to a wedding where the situation was no different. People were involved in meaningless and loud chatter. They were running here and there frantically without any reason or rhyme. Added to that we had the loud noise of band choir. No one was able to hear the vedic chanting. As a matter of fact, no one was interested in it. I can’t agree when one calls this Hinduism. It feels strange when people do as they wish in the name of religion. Our religion has become corrupted with such practices.

I wonder when people will be able to understand the importance of silence!

All rights reserved. This article has been translated by Sowjanya D, which was originally posted in on August 27, 2010. The content or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express permission of the publisher.


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