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Influence of Planets on Human Life - 1

Many examples of planetary influence on human life can be seen in our day-to-day life.  But in order to notice them, one needs to have the right perspective. If observed properly and carefully, one sees the impact of planets behind the seemingly normal events. 

Man usually credits himself for all the good things he experiences but blames God when he goes through bad times. This is due to his lack of understanding. If one observes life deeply, many strange things are revealed. It can be understood how man’s life is influenced by supernatural powers at every step of his life. If we know how to properly harness these powers, then we will find the game of life to be very interesting.

After I was transferred to Guntur, an office room was allotted to me. Based on the current dasa (planetary period) and the events that were occurring, I was very well aware which planet was influencing this whole series of events. I could understand my past karma that resulted in this too.  However, I could not understand what I saw, as soon as I entered the room.

Since the dasa that was presently running, was influenced by Jupiter, the room allotted should have had the characteristics of Jupiter, such as the room having a North-East entrance etc,. But in contrast, not only did the room have a south-west entrance, but also the vastu of the entire room was unnatural, which was due to the influence of Rahu. Perhaps it was because of the strong Rahu influence in my birth chart.

Despite the presence of strong Rahu, owing to the present dasa, the characteristics of Jupiter must have proved, but it did not happen quite so. The officer who had previously worked in that room got transferred, after facing many accusations. It would have been impossible for anyone who worked in that room to remain righteous and peaceful. Based on my chart and favorable transits happening then, such a room should not have been allotted to me. Thinking so, I decided to wait and see what was in store. 

I was working silently in the allotted room, however, I also continued to perform internal Tantric remedies. Two days passed and all of a sudden, the situation changed unexpectedly and I had to change the room. Not only did the new room have a North-East entrance, but also the vastu of the entire room matched exactly with the characteristics of Jupiter. The new room was in accordance with the current dasa running.

The employees were discussing among themselves. Some were saying that the old room was good, while few others thought that the new room was good. But, all the while, I was quiet, without making any comments. I laughed inside listening to their conversation, as I knew the real internal reasons behind the change. I wondered how miraculous the effect of karma was. 

There is a subtle karmic effect, behind every minor incident that happens in life. The reason can be known when we see through our internal vision. If such vision is lacking, then people take life in whatever way they like. Some think it is their greatness, some think it is the grace of God, few others blame their inability, while some blame God, thus people interpret life in different ways.

These are not the real reasons. Human life revolves around karma. Any event that happens is a combined result of the actions done in the past birth and the current effort. The ratio of both these factors is constantly changing and accordingly, the human mind and life undergo changes. One should have a subtle vision to know how each of these influence us. This requires the strength of meditation.

Then, we can see another world hidden inside our day-to-day world. We begin to see deep reasons behind seemingly very ordinary things and the energy behind these reasons becomes visible to us. If we know how to harness this energy, we can taste real happiness in life. Then we can understand the true meaning behind the saying “You are the creator of your destiny”.

All rights reserved. This article has been translated by Ranganath D, which was originally posted in on May 10, 2010. The content or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express permission of the publisher.


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