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Is Homoeopathy a Cult medicine?

It felt very strange to see the doctors in Britain demand a ban on Homoeopathy, calling it a cult medicine. This has just strengthened my earlier belief which says that superstitions exist not only among the uneducated but also in the well-educated.

Homoeopathy is a revolution in the field of medicine. It is a methodology of fighting the disease with the aid of potentized energy rather than the crude substance. Today, even modern medicine acknowledges that disease occurs due to imbalance in bio-energy of the body. Hence, it is very obvious that medicine in the crude state cannot cure disease which lies at the energy level. It is a proven fact that the same task can be accomplished more efficiently by potentized medicine.

Samuel Hahnemann was a genius who earned an M.D. degree in Allopathy 200 years ago. Unlike the doctors of our times, he never considered money-making to be life’s ultimate goal. Frustrated with the loop-holes in medical science and the side-effects caused by them, he toiled through his entire life and invented a new method of medicine called Homoeopathy. This is definitely not a cult medicine. Anyone with half-knowledge might say that, but, it is really odd that doctors with medical knowledge are saying this. 

I know many Allopathic doctors who use Homoeopathy at home.  One of my doctor friends told me - “We are very well aware of the side effects caused by our medicines, which is why we don’t use them at our homes.  We only use homoeopathic medicines as they are safe. We follow a strict diet and regimen accompanied by yoga to prevent any health issues to the extent possible”. I asked how come they are playing with the lives of their patients? He replied - “We have invested millions of rupees to study medicine, don’t we need to earn the money back along with the interest?”

A recent incident needs a mention here. A girl was suffering from an unbearable headache. Apparently, this was because she had taken shower with cold water the previous night. She said there was severe pain on either side of the area slightly above the medulla region. She was unable to bear the sight of light. She was very restless and frustrated. Extreme pain started all of a sudden. Typically, Medicine A is given to address these symptoms, however, her eyes were not red and no swelling on the face was observed. So congestion of the brain was ruled out. Therefore, Medicine A was not indicated. Hence, I gave one dose of Medicine B. The pain disappeared in five minutes as if it were some magic. She became normal and started smiling. How can Homoeopathy be cult medicine?

Milking thousands of rupees in the name of scanning for every silly reason, usage of broad-spectrum antibiotics even for small ailments, careless treatment, improper diagnosis followed by usage of approximately estimated medicine, thereby making the disease worsen further and finally giving up on the patient are commonly seen characteristics of Allopathic doctors.  In my view, this is the real cult medicine. It is my firm opinion that many of the Allopathic doctors are licensed killers. When these Allopathic doctors, who perform such useless medical practices, accuse that Homoeopathy is cult medicine, it is akin to the devils chanting Vedic hymns.

It has not been fully proved as to how the potencies work, I agree. However, just for this reason, it is not logical to say that Homoeopathy is not scientific at all. It is they who are jealous of the increasing popularity of Homoeopathy who are spreading negativity. It is their jealousy that is behind these allegations. It is not driven by scientific spirit. Apparently, the people behind these allegations were junior doctors. What experience do they have in Homoeopathy to make these allegations?

I challenge the people who do not consider Homoeopathy as scientific medicine to try a small experiment. Take four doses of the basic Homoeopathic medicine, ‘Medicine C’ for every fifteen minutes and observe what happens. Science also acknowledges that beyond the potency of 6, there would not be any substance in the Homeopathic drugs. From the viewpoint of science, these are only sugar pills. I can tell you beforehand what would happen if this medicine is taken in this manner.

Extreme anxiety, fear and restlessness will develop in the person. A sudden rise in temperature, impatience and extreme thirst will also be observed. All these symptoms can be definitely noticed in the person. So if these are merely sugar pills, how would these symptoms develop? Allopathy cannot answer this question. Cases of fever accompanied by the above symptoms can be cured within minutes by using the very same Medicine C.  This is also the answer to people who think Homoeopathy works slowly. Based on my experience, I can very confidently say that such opinions are only due to lack of understanding.

Homoeopathy works very well and very fast as do the potencies. However, we are not able to scientifically prove how exactly they function. This work should be taken up by researchers. Today, we are able to see through the atoms. Researchers must find out and explain how the molecular energy in a crude substance undergoes transformation when it is subjected to potentization. Declaring Homoeopathy to be unscientific, just because we do not understand how it works, is as ridiculous as stating that Physics is not a science, simply because we do not understand its laws. This only shows the ignorance of the junior doctors who made such claims. It is hard not to doubt their integrity. It is really questionable as to how these jealous and ignorant doctors will offer a value based medical treatment to their patients in the future.

All rights reserved. This article has been translated by Ranganath D, which was originally posted in on May 19, 2010. The content or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express permission of the publisher.


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