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Use of Nosodes in Homoeopathy

Very often doctors of Homoeopathy find themselves in a strange situation. Even if the medicine and potency selected for a particular disease are correct and accurate, the result may not be good. What is the reason?

Dr. Hahnemann had researched for years and answered this question. The only reason for non-functioning of the indicated remedy is the deeply rooted miasm in the body. Miasm can be referred to as a subtle pollution in the body. According to him, this can be of three types viz,. psora, syphilis and sycosis. These three miasms block the medicine from working. So, if these miasms are taken care of, the medicine will work automatically.

Psora is a derangement at pranic level caused by suppression of Scabies by usage of ointments. Likewise, syphilis and sycosis are derangements of vital force caused by suppression of Syphilis and Gonorrhoea with injections and antibiotics. These miasms accumulate at pranic level, block the indicated medicine and weaken the patient. Many times, the doctor finds it very difficult to nail the reason. Hahnemann solved this problem and suggested ways to identify and cure these miasms. This is the reason why we opine that a dozen nobel prizes could not be able to match Dr. Hahnemann’s work. But unfortunately, he remains a forgotten genius in medical history.

Coming to the point, what should be done in these cases? Family history and patient’s history should be examined thoroughly and the miasm deeply rooted in the family should be identified. Then the indicated medicine should be prescribed along with the treatment for these miasms. There are two important things to be remembered here:


This situation usually arises when the doctor is not keen on case taking. Doctor should be patient enough to extract the family history and related details from the patient. The inner miasms will be surfaced in the beginning itself. Powerful medicines must be prescribed to avoid this situation. If the doctor is not interested in genuine case taking, confusion prevails and the case takes a wrong turn.

Hahnemann has said somewhere, a properly taken case is half cured. For this to happen, the doctor must be very keen in extracting the disease symptoms. It will not yield any good result if the doctor prescribes 10 medicines and 20 tests like allopathic doctors do. Then the treatment will not be Homeopathic, it will be a mere business.


In some cases, even if the case taking and the medicine are accurate, the progress stops at some point. This scenario is mostly visible in chronic diseases. The medicine will stop working. The symptoms will not appear correctly to change to another medicine. In these cases, miasm should be identified first and appropriate medicines should be administered. Then the disease symptoms will appear correctly. We can witness that the first prescribed medicine will start working or a different set of symptoms which need treatment will surface.

Usually psora should be treated with Sulphur, syphilis with Mercury and sycosis with Thuja. But if these medicines cease to work, their corresponding nosodes come into picture. Psorinum, Syphilinum, Medorrhinum are called nosodes. Psorinum is extracted from pus cells of scabies patient, Syphilinum from syphilis, and Medorrhinum from Gonorrhoea. These medicines are taken from the secretions of these diseases and are converted into potencies. These medicines should be used only at higher potencies (at least greater than 200) and must not be repeated carelessly. Unnecessary repetition may cause serious symptoms in the patient.

In recent days, some doctors have converted AIDS patient’s blood into potency and have succeeded in making AIDS nosode. Human race should be really indebted to the brave persons who came forward to prove and extract the symptoms of this disease.

Please note the information given in this article is purely for educational purposes only.

All rights reserved. This article has been translated by Sowjanya D, which was originally posted in on November 17, 2009. The content or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express permission of the publisher.


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