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Secrets of Moksha Trikona

Moksha Trikona (the triad of liberation). Learn how astrology helps decipher the transition from the past life to present and also predict t

Jillellamudi Memoirs - 1

A memorable journey to Jillellamudi. Guruji observes the remarkable attributes of divine horoscopes

Beyond Words

Learn to connect with God in silence. What should you do to achieve success in connecting with God.


Is there a timeless state? Is that even possible? If at all it is possible, what do we feel in that state? Here are the answers

The essential problem

Lord Buddha stated that "Desire" is the source of all problems. Can we overcome the craving?

The science of Prasna

Guruji does Prasna prediction in real life situations applying astro principles. Also proves that destiny cannot be defied.

Lunar days - Dates

Your lunar day (phase) matters more while celebrating your birthday every year. Find out why.

Kali Tatva - 5

Read about the significance of Kali mantra in spiritual progress. Learn about the "Garland of skulls", kundalini energy and more such truths

Planets and days

Learn about the logic behind days of the week and planets. Also its effect on Prasna sastra or Horary astrology

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